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Installation and commissioning services
1, regular technical support.
2, on-site installation guide: guide you properly install our products.
3, field equipment and machinery to start debugging: parameter setting and adjustment of the inspection.
4, on-site and factory training.

Spare Parts Service
1, the direct supply of spare parts.
2, agents to provide spare parts.
3, depending on your equipment, assisting with the necessary spare parts list

After-sales service 
1.24-hour emergency telephone (0086-0577-65337852): a problem with your equipment and an emergency, please call Dai service hotline, and we will give you the fastest response.
2, maintenance and parts: fault component can mail the company sent to us, from us to repair or replace, and return it to you.
3, on-site Troubleshooting: troubleshooting, repair and replacement of failed parts

Customer Complaint Management
Customers can Hotline (0086-0577-65337852) of the printer's services or products Dai complaint, will be in service for handling complaints and in the shortest possible time to deal with the results notice. Customer complaints department will track customer feedback, until the customer satisfaction.