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Gold Stamping & Creasing Machine TYMQ-720/930/1100:




The series of model TYMQ gold stamping machine is the product of new generation with clockwork precision and market effect. It is used for gilding-printing all kinds of colored electro-chemical aluminum, making a concave-convex die cutting pictures, trade mark, advertisement of sample, boxes, cover of books and new year cards, highly decorations and printing materials. It is the optimum equipment for printing & packing decoration and plastic industries with materials including paper, cardboard, plastic, leather matters.


1、 High strength due to one piece casting by using top-ranking material for machine body.
2、 Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
3、 Computer controlled is stable
4、 Operation position is reasonably arranged, moving-bed can be opened to its optimum
5、 Skipping is accurate so as to save foils.
6、 With three functions of continuous creasing and cutting,opening dwell operation and closing dwell operation and a large dwell adjusting range.
7、 Safety system is reliable
8、 Central lubrication system guarantees fine lubrication and reduce friction.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model TYMQ 1100 TYMQ 930 TYMQ 720
Working Area Of Platen (L×W) 1100x 800 mm 930x 660 mm 720x 500 mm
Max Stamping Area (L×W) 1000x 750 mm 920x 650 mm 650x 460 mm
Min Stamping Area (L×W) 850x 550 mm 650x 460 mm 460x 320 mm
Thermoelectric General Power 9kw 9kw 4.5kw
Range Of Temp. Available 1 -300℃ 1 -300℃ 1 -300℃
Continuous Creasing speed 20times/min 22times/min 25times/min
General Delivering Volume Of Foil 1 -800mm 1 -650mm 1 -500mm
Leapfrog Time 1-99 times 1-99 times 1-99 times
Resolving Power Of Delivering Foil 1mm 1mm 1mm
Overall Dimensions (L×W ×H) 2130x1910x 2080mm 1930x1860x 1960mm 1750x1500x 1790mm
N.W 5000kg 3500kg 2000kg
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